A Discussion with Christine Hollingsworth

Born in Henderson Nevada, Christine found herself in Seattle Washington to earn a degree in computer science. But her inspiration from living in Boeing country, her visits to Oshkosh with her father, and her love of the 787 pushed her over the edge to become a pilot.

She switched schools and degrees, and began flying lessons. She recently earned her private and instrument licenses – despite the many obstacles. Then a visit to the control tower sparked her interest and sent her down yet another path. She’s switched degrees once again, and will be starting school in Embry Riddle in Prescott Arizona in January 2012 with plans of becoming an air traffic controller, and a lifetime instructor. What will she really end up doing? We have no idea, but we do know there will be airplanes involved.

A Note on Audio Quality

Karlene and Christine shared a microphone in Seattle while Len’s iPhone found him some random Wi-Fi in Washington. The quality of audio overall is quite poor. Until we establish a more formal podcast, our emphasis will always be on finding interesting content.

Listen to our discussion with Christine, Karlene Petitt , Marty , and Len.

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