A Discussion with Jetstar Jeff

One of the things I like best about aviation is the amazing stories from all the people I’ve ever worked with. Unlike most traditional (boring) jobs, the career of a pilot generally has a unique and fascinating back-story that almost always deserves to be told.

Jeff has worked for a few general aviation organisations, he’s owned a number of aircraft (including Yak 52’s and CT4’s), he’s worked in a number of countries, he has six jet type ratings and has worked for four airlines (with his first airline jet command at the age of 25). He’s currently in the fourth leg of his airline career and is shortly to commence command line training on the Airbus A320. In addition his line flying role, Jeff owns an international aircraft lease company.

Jeff shares insights into his journey and decision making thus far. From his early days of flying aerobatic scenic flights over Australia’s Gold Coast to RPT in the Caribbean and Africa – and now his command on the A320 with Jetstar – we hear how Jeff has journeyed through aviation in pursuit of what he now believes to be his long-term dream job.

What makes Jeff’s story so fascinating is the fact he’s only just turned 32 years old.

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