A Discussion with Jun Nishioka

From Kobe Japan, Jun, a graduate student of Environmental Engineering, recently received his English certificate and has set off on an adventure in Vero Beach Florida. He will be attending Flight Safety International for the next 15 months to earn his private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and instructors ratings. His goal?to become an airline pilot.

At 22 years old Jun knows both Japanese and English, and has never flown an airplane other than his trial instructional flight. He’s a long way from home and there is one challenge that he’ll be conquering besides learning to fly. His challenge will be mastering English. His dedication and hunger for knowledge will keep him focused, and disciplined. He will reach his dreams. We’ll have him back in a year or so and see how that English is coming along, too.

Listen to our discussion with Jun, Karlene Petitt , Marty and Len.

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