A Discussion with Santa

We had a chat to Santa a few days ago. He spoke to us about the preparation leading up to Christmas day.

Santa’s sobriety was somewhat questionable at the time of our discussion. As such, he was a little politically and culturally insensitive. It’s probably best not to listen if you’re somebody that’s sensitive to occasional course language, sexual references and the odd religious reference.

About Santa’s helper

Craig is a Melbourne based entertainer, actor, musician, broadcaster and voice over artist. He’s acted on a number of Hollywood and local movies and has played a number of roles in various Australian television productions. He’s also credited in a number of motion picture soundtracks. Craig has assisted Santa a number of times in character on Australian television.

Craig is an avid enthusiast with an expired (but soon to be renewed) private licence. You’ll find Craig on Twitter as @CraigCorsetti .

On behalf of all the contributors to Flight, we would like to wish you all the best for the holiday season and the New Year.

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