Flight is an “aviation lifestyle blog”. As a group of people that are actively involved in aviation – both as journalists and flight crew – we use this blog as a means of sharing our aviation exploits and insights to our passionate community of readers.

In company with a network of other sites that we operate, our goals are simple:

  • In consultation with industry and aviation professionals, we seek to promote, discuss and facilitate the global application of leading aviation safety assessments, standards and practices.
  • We will provide rich new media — such as safety/educational videos and podcasts — that can be consumed by aviation professionals and enthusiasts in the interests of aviation safety, education and understanding.
  • We are advocates for aviation safety, sensible reform and, above all, “Just Culture”.
  • We will provide a platform and voice for CRM and safety awareness.
  • Discuss aviation news from the viewpoint of those that are usually responsible for it!
  • Actively promote new participants into the aviation community.

Our contributors and authors have worked in airline management, online journalism, airline social media/PR, airline IT and – of course – as airline pilots. We plan on blogging about everything aviation – from CRM, safety, airline media and branding… to new participants tips for student pilots.

We have an extensive network of ‘new media’ ventures.

Our podcast at Flight Podcast is one of the most popular global aviation podcasts; with the most recent episodes downloaded over 240,000 times (making it comparable to leading tech podcasts). It’s received admirable industry recognition and has attracted a strong following of passionate advocates for subscribers to real content.

We’re in the final stages of an Australasian podcast with an Aussie focus. Using Flight Podcast as leverage, it already has a potential market of over 100,000 email subscribers. The Australian region is in serious demand for high quality content with the only real contributors to the current podcast climate dominated by enthusiasts with no connection to the industry. We’re going to change that.

We manufacture a lot of aviation video training content. Although most of it (up until now) has been for external clients, much of what we do in the future will be specifically designed for online distribution.

Do you want us at your event?

If you’re holding an aviation event, let us know. We arrange our attendance at nil cost to you so we can share audio, video and other information to our passionate audience. We’re fully equipped with TV quality camera equipment, broadcast quality audio gear and professional industry-expert presenters.

We’re also able to assist with event management and sound engineering (we have over 100 outdoor weather-proof speakers with cable). We also assist with advertising and social promotion.

How you can keep in touch with us

If you’re interested in joining our passionate community, you can subscribe to our mailing list (on the right side of this page), follow our primary account on Twitter or subscribe to our new Facebook page .

Media Appearances

We make ourselves available for media appearances and comments. Details here.