The Force is Strong at All Nippon Airways (ANA’s Star Wars Themed Boeing 787)

If you’ve ever wanted to fly in the Millennium Falcon , ANA may be giving you the closest thing to an opportunity you’ll ever get (in this Galaxy, anyway).

In the aftermath of yesterday’s new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, ANA have announced that they’ll be taking delivery of an R2D2 themed Boeing 787 as part of a broader 5-year campaign.

The YouTube video description reads, “The R2-D2 character has a reputation for strong, reliable service – one of the hallmarks of ANA’s 5-star quality service”. If ANA are going to find justification for the livery, R2’s reliability shouldn’t be it. Those that know Star Wars will understand that the “pile-of-bolts” was a cheeky robot that was, at times, maintained by a Wookie.

From ANA's website: 'Help us Google Translate; You're our only hope'.

We get it though, the Japanese think R2D2 is cute… and a B787 painted up in R2’s livery looks far funkier than something inspired by Jabba the Hut.

The R2-D2 design was unveiled to Star Wars fans at a movie-themed event in Anaheim, California

Watch the ANA preview video.

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ANA became the first airline to operate the Boeing 787 in October 2011, and they’re the largest operator of the aircraft worldwide.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be released in cinemas December 18.

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