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  • Noar Linhas Aereas Flight 4896, a Let L-410 Turbolet, crashes just after takeoff from Recife Airport, Brazil, killing all 16 on board. - Wednesday 13th Jul, 2011
  • Southwest Airlines Flight 2294, a Boeing 737-300 from Nashville to Baltimore makes an emergency landing in Charleston, West Virginia after a 14x17 inch hole opens in the skin of the fuselage at 34,000 feet (10,000 m), causing a loss of cabin pressure; the plane lands safely with no injuries. - Monday 13th Jul, 2009
  • (13-19) 18th FAI World Precision Flying Championship - Sunday 13th Jul, 2008
  • An RAF Harrier GR9 crashes en route to the Royal International Air Tattoo. - Thursday 13th Jul, 2006
  • A Royal Air Force BAE Harrier II GR.9 crashes after the pilot ejects near Kidlington in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. - Thursday 13th Jul, 2006
  • AH-64D Apache from 4–4th Aviation Regiment shot down south of Baghdad. The two pilots survive. - Thursday 13th Jul, 2006
  • A Garuda Indonesia Airways DC-10 crashes on take-off from Fukuoka Airport, Japan, killing 3. - Saturday 13th Jul, 1996
  • Launch: Space Shuttle Discovery STS-70 at 9:41:55.078 a.m. EDT. Mission highlights: TDRS-G/IUS deployed. - Thursday 13th Jul, 1995
  • First flight of the 3I Sky Arrow, Italian 2 tandem seat, pusher configuration, high wing and carbon fibre light aircraft. - Monday 13th Jul, 1992
  • McDonnell-Douglas F-15C-40-MC Eagle. 85-0116, c/n 0972/C358, of the 60th Fighter Squadron, 33rd Fighter Wing, based at Eglin AFB, Florida, crashes at 0900 hrs. in the Gulf of Mexico, 90 miles S of Eglin. Capt. Darren S. Ruhnau, 27, of Niceville, Florida, assigned to the 60th Fighter Squadron, ejects safely. He and another F-15 had departed Eglin at 0835 hrs. for a training mission. "I'm just glad the ACES II ejection system worked as advertised", Ruhnau said in a statement, "and that the search-and-rescue guys were there to do the job." "He was picked up by an oil freighter", said Capt. Susan Brown, a spokeswoman for the 33rd, but the helicopter crew "couldn't get him off there. So they transferred him to a Coast Guard cutter, but they couldn't get him off there either. He was in such good shape, they dropped him back in the water, and picked him up from there." A U.S. Navy helicopter of HC-16 from the USS Forrestal, which is based in Pensacola, plucked him from the Gulf at ~1000 hrs. and transported him to Eglin Regional Hospital where he was checked out and released at ~1330 hrs. Ruhnau has been flying F-15s since May 1989 and assigned at Eglin since September of that year. In an unrelated incident, another 33rd Fighter Wing F-15 makes a rough landing, overshoots the runway at Eglin and comes to a stop in the grass. The pilot, assigned to the 59th Fighter Squadron, does not eject and is uninjured, the fighter sustains less than $10,000 damage, said Brown. - Monday 13th Jul, 1992
  • Death of Edward Rochfort Grange, Canadian WWI flying ace credited with five aerial victories. His postwar career included success as a businessman, and a return to aviation as a civilian inspector and auditor for the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII - Wednesday 13th Jul, 1988
  • The 1988 British International Helicopters Sikorsky S-61N crash in the North Sea due to an engine fire; all 21 on board survive. - Wednesday 13th Jul, 1988
  • US Marine Corps McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B-3 Harrier II, BuNo 161582, c/n 512014/14, of VMAT-203, crashes at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina. - Wednesday 13th Jul, 1988
  • First flight of the PZL-130 T Turbo Orlik, Polish turboprop, single engine, two seat trainer, export version with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 A-25 A turboprop. - Sunday 13th Jul, 1986
  • Blue Angels Aircraft 5, BuNo 155029, and 6, BuNo 154992, (Douglas A-4F Skyhawk) collide at the top of a loop at 1532 hrs., Niagara Falls International Airport, New York, during the Western New York Air Show '85, killing Lt. Cmdr. Michael Gershon. Second pilot, Lt. Andy Caputi, ejects safely with only minor injuries. One Skyhawk crashed on airport grounds while the second fighter impacted in a nearby auto junkyard. The demonstration team resumes show duties 20 July at Dayton, Ohio but omits maneuver that resulted in crash, and flies with five planes rather than six. - Saturday 13th Jul, 1985
  • Death of Horia Agarici, Romanian WWII flying ace - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1982
  • United States Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander Barbara Allen Rainey dies in the crash of a T-34 C Mentor trainer aircraft at Middleton Field near Evergreen, Alabama, during a training flight. In February 1974, as Barbara Ann Allen, she had become the first female aviator in the United States Armed Forces. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1982
  • A United States Marine Corps F-4J flew into the ground close to Yuma MCAS, Arizona, both crew killed. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1982
  • A United States Navy F-4S of VMFA-251 crashed into the Atlantic. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1982
  • Death of Count Carl Gustaf Ericsson von Rosen, Swedish pioneer aviator, killed during a sudden Somali guerrilla attack near Gode. He flew relief missions in a number of conflicts as well as combat missions for Finland and Biafran rebels. - Wednesday 13th Jul, 1977
  • Launch of Luna 15 (Ye-8-5 series), Soviet unmanned space mission to the moon also called Lunik 15. - Sunday 13th Jul, 1969
  • President Eisenhower becomes the First U. S. president to fly in a helicopter when he is flown from the White House to an unnamed military post in a USAF Bell UH-13 J. - Saturday 13th Jul, 1957
  • USAF Douglas C-118A Liftmaster, 53-3301, c/n 44671, encountered windshear after takeoff, lost altitude and crashed in forest near Fort Dix, 46 killed, 20 survivors. - Friday 13th Jul, 1956
  • The first flight of the Orenda engine on a Lancaster test bed at Malton. - Thursday 13th Jul, 1950
  • Birth of George Driver "Pinky" Nelson, NASA astronaut. - Thursday 13th Jul, 1950
  • AA USAF Boeing B-50D-110-BO Superfortress, 49-267, of the 97th Bomb Wing out of Biggs AFB, Texas, carrying a nuclear weapon bomb casing (but no fuel capsule), stalls at 7,000 feet (2,100 m) at about 1454 hrs. EST, crashes between Lebanon and Mason, Ohio, killing four officers and twelve airmen. No radio communication was received before the crash, and although all crew wore parachutes, none bailed out. HE in bomb casing explodes on impact leaving crater 200X25 feet, explosion heard for 25 miles (40 km). One account states that the weather was clear, but Joe Baugher reports that bomber was in a storm system. - Thursday 13th Jul, 1950
  • A US Army Air Forces Douglas A-26C Invader, 44-35553, on a training flight has mid-air collision with Eastern Airlines Flight 45 from Washington, D.C. to Columbia, South Carolina, a Douglas DC-3, NC25647',' at ~3100 feet, 11.9 miles WNW of Florence, South Carolina at 1436 hrs. A-26 vertical fin strikes port wing of airliner, displaces engine of DC-3 which cuts into fuselage; A-26 tail sheared off, two crew parachute, one KWF. DC-3 pilot belly lands in cornfield, one passenger of 24 total on board killed. - Friday 13th Jul, 1945
  • 517 B-29 s drop 3,640 tons (3,302,186 kg) of bombs on Utsunomiya and other cities in Japan. - Friday 13th Jul, 1945
  • A Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 88 G-1 night fighter of 7 Staffel/NJG 2, bearing Geschwaderkennung code 4R+UR, on North Sea night patrol landed at RAF Woodbridge. This aircraft carried recent versions of the FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 VHF-band radar, FuG 350 Naxos-Z and FuG 227 Flensburg homer which were being successfully used to intercept RAF night bombers. The German crew had only just completed 100 hours of flight training, and had flown by compass heading, but proceeded on a reciprocal (opposite) course to that intended and thought they were over their own airfield. Within days, the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) analysed the radar equipment and devised countermeasures. This 'coup' repeated the events of the previous year, when a similar radar-equipped Ju 88 (pictured) was flown by a defecting crew to the UK The earlier Ju 88 R-1 nightfighter flown to RAF Dyce by its defecting crew the year before the 13 July 1944 event. - Thursday 13th Jul, 1944
  • An Axis air attack destroys a Liberty ship off Sicily. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1943
  • (Overnight) Allied transport aircraft carrying paratroopers from North Africa to Sicily again fly low in darkness over Allied ships and ground forces, and again come under friendly fire. Several are shot down. In Operation Fustian, the British Army’s First Parachute Brigade land in gliders and capture the Primosole bridge, but a German parachute battalion that previously had landed nearby drives the British off the bridge by the following evening - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1943
  • (Overnight) – Royal Air Force Bomber Command flies the last raid of its “Battle of the Ruhr” campaign against the Ruhr region of Germany. Since the campaign began in March, Bomber Command has flown 29 major attacks against the Ruhr and the Rheinland, including five against Essen – which alone suffers 1,037 dead, 3,500 severely injured, and 4,830 homes destroyed – Four each against Duisburg and Cologne, three against Bochum, and one or two each against other cities. Bomber Command has lost 672 aircraft during the Ruhr and Rheinland raids, a 4.8 percent loss rate, and 4,400 aviators. Separately, during same period Bomber Command also has flown 18 major attacks against other targets in France, in Italy, and in Germany outside the Ruhr and Rheinland, including two raids on Berlin and strikes against Munich, Stettin, Turin, La Spezia, and the Skoda Works in Pilsen. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1943
  • Birth of Aleksei Stanislavovich Yeliseyev, Soviet cosmonaut. - Friday 13th Jul, 1934
  • The Polish aviator Ludwik Idzikowski crashes in the Azores and dies in an attempt of a westbound transatlantic flight. - Saturday 13th Jul, 1929
  • An Imperial Airways Vickers Vulcan crashes on a test flight from Croydon Airport with a pilot and five passengers near Purley, Surrey, 3 miles (4.8 km) from the airport, with the loss of four passengers. As a result of the crash Imperial Airways stopped the flying of staff (so-called joy rides) on test flights - Friday 13th Jul, 1928
  • Western Air Express is founded. - Monday 13th Jul, 1925
  • The British military airship R.34, operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF), accomplishes the first two-way transatlantic air crossing. The outward journey is also the first air crossing of the Atlantic from east to west. - Sunday 13th Jul, 1919
  • Birth of David Lee "Tex" Hill, American WWII fighter ace and Korean War fighter pilot. One of the First pilots of First American Volunteer Group (better known by its later nickname of the Flying Tigers) - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1915
  • Birth of Franz Xaver von Werra, German WWII fighter ace who was shot down over England and captured. He is generally regarded as the only Axis prisoner of war to succeed in escaping from a Canadian prisoner of war camp and returning to Germany. - Monday 13th Jul, 1914
  • Leon Letort carries out the First non-stop flight between Paris and Berlin when he flies his Morane-Saulnier monoplane fitted with an 80-hp Le Rhone engine the 590 miles between the two capitals. - Sunday 13th Jul, 1913
  • Death of Oskar Erbsloh, German aviation pioneer, in the crash of his Airship 'Erbsloh' - Wednesday 13th Jul, 1910
  • If brief hops by Alliott Verdon Roe on June 8, 1908 are discounted, the first flight made by an Englishman in an English airplane takes place when Roe flies his Roe I triplane for the first time at Lea Marsches in Essex. He flies only 100 ft., but on July 23 he extends the distance to some 900 ft. off the ground. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1909
  • alomon August Andree, Nils Strindberg and Knut Frankel lands their hydrogen balloon 'Eagle' in the Arctic. - Tuesday 13th Jul, 1897
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