Aviation Ringtones for Your Cellphone

Here’s a bunch of aviation ring tones for your mobile phone. They were sent to us from a friend that uses them for audio in a PC based simulator, but they sound better coming from your Nokia handset :)

You can use your favourite PC software to transfer them over to your phone (as long as your phone supports MP3 files). If you don’t have appropriate software or don’t know what you’re doing, leave us a comment and we’ll see if we can help.

Bank Angle
B757 767 Master Caution Single
B757 767 Master Caution
Autopilot Disconnect Modern
Autopilot Disconnect Classic Boeing
Altitude Alert Classic
A320 Altitude Retard
Turbine Startup
Terrain Pull Up GPWS
Overspeed Clacker
MD80 Evacuate
MD80 Autopilot Disconnect
Flight Attendant Single
Flight Attend Chime
Firebell Classic
Fire Bell Modern 757 767
Configuration Warning Classic Boeing
Bingo Low Fuel F16

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