V Australia 777 Delivery Flight 3 : V SYD Office

Part Three of the V Australia first Boeing 777 Delivery Flight Saga comes from the new V Australia office at Sydney Airport. Having been told it was “near the Etihad office” I figured we’d be the small office no-one knew of yet, near the large and lavish Etihad Airline office space.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are three separate offices spaces (1 office space, and crew rooms for Cabin and Flight Deck crew) along with flashy neon signs outside each. For one flight a day – it’s fabulous. I arrived just in time to catch the ground staff heading out the door with all the display stands, roping, posters and other paraphernalia that’s put out before each departure. It’s pretty funny really – they build a departure area each time a flight goes out, and tear it down again before taking it back to the office for the next day.

Is the work area for office staff - one of our FM's escaping ...

Flight Deck Briefing Area

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