Air France 447 Photos from inside aircraft – fake!

If I get one more email with the ‘supposed’ photos from inside of the Air France 447 cabin I think I’m going to strangle my neighbours cat. Hmmm – maybe I won’t strangle it, but a gentle kick might vent some of my frustration.

I won’t bore you with the details of the email but here are the pictures that are enjoying undeserved viral success.

Air France Hoax Photo 1

Air France Hoax Photo 1

Air France Hoax Photo 2

Air France Hoax Photo 2

The photos are actually just screenshots from the TV series Lost. A short video clip showing the ficticious demise of Oceanic 815 is included below.

Video not supported.


If anybody sends you these pictures, please send them a dirty reply with a link to this blog.

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  1. Nigel Wood says:

    A Bolivian television station aired photographs from the television drama Lost presenting them as images of an Air France airliner that went down in the Atlantic, the station’s news director said on Monday.

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