BA Cabin Crew Takeoff their Clothes!

The Australian and The Sun are reporting on a series of photographs that shows British Airways cabin crew (and flight attendants from other airlines) in sexually suggestive and provocative poses. The images were likely taken by cabin crew with the innocent, naïve and vane purpose of plastering them over their various social networking sites (done so in a manner consistent with their often challenged intellect) but of course, various compromisingBA Cabin Crew pictures found their way onto a pornography website specialising in none other than flight attendants in stockings (there’s a website for everything, isn’t there?) The social web took over from there…

These images don’t come close to illustrating the unrestrained and unbridled debauchery that defines the average flight attendant’s off-duty job description and lifestyle. If all the Facebook pictures on my friends pages were as benign as these I would probably sleep a lot more often.

Sure, I understand that the pics of questionable content impacts on British Airlines in a manner that’s hardly consistent with their pompous and dignified (read: “stuck up”) brand, but it’s also liberating to know that the mechanical, personality-deprived drones they have working for them have flesh like the rest of us. I’ve seen far worse; and I know of mile-high incidents that makes these silly (Bridget Jones type) pictures look like they belong in kiddy books.

Let’s just appreciate that the pictures didn’t originate from Qantas, where the average flight attendant age is 102.

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