Are you an ass?

” Imagine living your whole life not knowing you’re an ass!?”

This is what a fellow crew member said to me on our way to L.A last week. What we were discussing was the likes of some passengers.

My parents always taught me to be polite and use manners; Please and Thankyou, that type of thing. Also, that first impressions last. So no matter who I am speaking to, I always make a conscious effort to be friendly and polite.

My first assumption of a business class passenger, was that they would be very snooty and self-obsessed. However, my first few visits to this cabin proved me wrong. Most of these passengers are the nicest, most care-free , warm and genuine people. They are also less demanding than I thought they would be. A private joke among crew is that the ‘upgrades’ are easy to spot as they can be the most demanding of the lot.

However every now and then you come across a guest that doesn’t use their please an thankyou’s, never returns a smile and is simply the definition of rude. And its this person my friend was referring to; Imagine spending your whole life not knowing you’re an ass!?

I laughed when she said this, but then I thought about it a little longer. And yes, IMAGINE!? If you don’t know you’re a ass then maybe you are, or maybe I am? I am confident in saying most people would not think I’m an ass, but I’m sure they’re has been instances when people have thought that of me. I’m sure some employees of certain phone companies could make this statement of me, maybe even the check out chick at the supermarket that day I was in a bad mood?

It’s certainly something I need to remember when dealing with our guests. Maybe I did get lumped with having to serve an ass or maybe they’re just having a bad day? I’ll try not to be so quick to judge in the future. However if I’m the one having a bad day??? Well, that’s a different story…

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