Swimming with Snakes!

Down route in Phuket, four other crew members and myself decided to go for a late night swim. Two crew were sitting on the edge of the pool and two were standing in the water chatting to them. I had decided to lie on my back and float around the centre of the pool.

Just to set the scene a little, earlier in the evening at dinner one of the crew members who was now sitting on the edge of the pool had a cicada fly directly into his face. It spooked him as it was quite large and no-one saw it coming.

Lying on my back floating in the pool, I saw from the corner of my eye my four friends; arms flailing and screaming. My first thought was that another insect had spooked them but when I saw them get up and run and continuing to run, I realise the situation must be worse.

I stood up to be able to hear them and through the screams I heard, “Get out of the pool! Get out of the pool!”. My imagination ran away with me. I thought of lizards, then goannas (are there Goannas in Thailand?) then crocodiles ?!?! I swam in the direction they were running and once out of the pool I continued to run towards the others. The whole time I was yelling; “Why am I running?”

I couldn’t get much information from them as they were still jumping around screaming and laughing. Once they had settled I learned what had happened. One of the crew members in the water had felt something on her leg, assuming it was a leaf she attempted to wipe it off. When she felt the ‘leaf’ still stuck to her hand, she looked down to discover it wasn’t actually a leaf but a metre long black snake!!!

It must of got a fright as much as we did as is slithered to the edge of the pool, jumped out onto land (where the others were sitting) and slithered into the garden.

After the crew members explained to me what had happened I realised my imagination wasn’t far off. Well, except maybe the crocodile (?).  And if you can imagine, they described my reaction to that of turrets! Ha!

By this time we were well and truly finished with the idea of a late night swim and headed straight back to our rooms. As we hopped into the lift we looked at ourselves and laughed. We looked like a pack of drowned rats. No-one had a chance to dry themselves, and everyone got dressed in a hurry! It was a sorry sight, but certainly a funny one!

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