Avianova Bikini Girl TV Advert

Russia’s number one low cost carrier, Avianova, have created an interesting TV commercial featuring cabin crew scantily dressed in bikinis washing one of their aircraft while a group of airport fire fighters watch on. It plays like something you expect to see on one of those seedy pay-per-view channels in a cheap motel room ? minus the nudity. Slow the clip down, play some 70′s chicka-chicka-bow-bow music, degrade the quality of the video and you have an award winning porno promo.

What can I say?

It appears that the term ‘low cost’ not only extends to their operation, but perhaps their flight attendants as well.

Airlines do have to be careful when creating campaigns like these. Despite the viral nature, the long term effects can impact unfavourably upon the airline brand as they continue to be remembered for one reason… or is that the point?

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Perhaps Russia’s culture is less sensitive to this kind of advertising than us sensitive and politically correct westerners? I once worked on a Pacific Island and, every night at 11pm, the two island television networks would play explicit adult content. While the rest of the world was chatting about Seinfeld by the water-cooler, these people were discussing Nelly does Noumea.

Now, if you can excuse me, I have a job application to write.

What do you think?

Background music by Paul Rothman – “It’s Such a Good Night.”

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  1. This is disgraceful. Those poor girls must be freezing. “Low Cost” should not mean scrimping on staff uniforms. That would never happen at Thromby…


    Robert E. Coli
    CEO Thromby Air – Lowest of the Low

  2. Advertising has a huge impact on consumers. However, this is going overboard.


  1. [...] some interest in my brand and generate some free viral exposure (particularly at a time when my competitors are doing the same thing). The calendars will reportedly be sent to members of an airline ‘VIP [...]

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