Leaving Emirates #5 School Fees and SmashWreckBank

Two years ago last week I left Dubai and Emirates (the airline) after 12 years, to come home and help with the launch of V Australia. This series of posts documents the leaving process - partly as my first attempt at a blog (which hopefully someone will find worth reading), partly as an assistance to others in my position. While this blog should provide some amusement, it should also be of assistance if you are leaving soon as well. There will be differences however - a lot of this depends on your years of service, and I'm sure some things have changed - hopefully for the better!

05.Mar.2008 : SmashWreckBank (Mashreq Bank)

I passed through my Jumeirah branch of SmashWreckBank this morning. Let me say right up that MashreqBank was recommended to me by someone in HR Recruitment when I joined – and it turned out that the person in the bank responsible for new accounts was this HR employee’s brother. In another place and time this might have meant better service actually, but that was not that place and time, nor has it ever been since.

It’s worth pointing out that ex-pat discussion forums are full of tales of woe regarding banks, with the odd nugget of a positive feedback story. Sometimes you get the impression that the Banks are not here to provide us with a service …

Bank Manager Story:

- Man goes into a bank, lines up, gets teller A and says “I would like to see Mr Smith the Bank Manager please.:”

- Teller A says “Oh, I’m very sorry, but Mr Smith passed away last week. We have Mr. Jones the Area Manager looking after us – would you like to see him?”

- Man says “No thanks.” and leaves.

*   *   *

- Man comes back in the bank a few hours later … (repeat process) ends up with the same Teller “I would like to see Mr. Smith the Bank Manager please.”

- Teller A realises there’s a problem here and says “I’m very sorry, Mr. Smith has passed on – was he a personal friend? If not, Mr Jones the Area Manager can help you?”

- “No Thanks.” says the Man and leaves.

*   *   *

- Man comes in again near closing and ends up at the same Teller (go figure). She is highly stressed by this now and when the Man asks to see Mr. Smith the bank manager she shrieks “Look – what is your problem? Are you mad? I’ve told you – MR SMITH THE BANK MANAGER IS DEAD! Why do you keep coming in here?”

- Man says “Because I just love hearing you say that.” and leaves.

I think I have the general picture of how the Joint Account, Personal Loan and Credit Cards will fit into the leaving process (documented elsewhere). That said, given 12 years of experience with SmashWreckBank (I have a number of grey hairs attributable to them) I’m taking it all with a grain of salt. Meg will be in Dubai early April – I will take her and go through the process of closing the joint account (she has to sign the paperwork) to just short of actually doing it, to be sure to be sure.

I had hoped that I could close the bank stuff early, thereby speeding the recovery of my last month’s salary, but it would appear that doesn’t happen. The final release from the Bank 33 days after the credit cards are cancelled is one factor holding up final payment, but not the only one. Now that I know it’s only 4000 dhs – it’s not such a big deal anyway.

05.Mar.2008 : School Fees

As an expatriate employee, school fees for the kids are often paid for by your employer (to a point, anyway). Which is good because public school in many countries is not an option, and private school fees are extortionate. Now that I’m leaving, these fees are going to become mine to pay, so I need to work out exactly where the changeover will occur.

I spoke to Jayshree (who handles school fees) and she has confirmed that Ek will pay school fees while I’m in my resignation period. They will compare my last date with Emirates against the end of the term, and pay that period for which the kids are in school on a pro-rata basis, of course. This is also good news, although the pro-rate made me give a wry grin. Of course.

For the last few years I’ve been running a roster service for the pilots of Emirates (through www.crewrosters.com) which will continue after I leave. The challenge is how …

Next Week : It’s time to say goodbye to me co-workers, as well as the subscribers to the Infinidim Roster Service. I’m still working on the details, but I think I have the solution to continue service.

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