[Video] Qantas – Our National Outsourcer

The industrial unrest within the Qantas group is no secret. The long-haul pilot body, engineers, refuellers and baggage handlers are all looking at their own independent and simultaneous protected industrial action as what can only be considered to be a serious indictment on the current company CEO. While this suggests inevitable grief for the travelling public, nothing is more upsetting to shareholders than the poor financial performance of current management team.

The Australian Trade Workers Union (TWU) is part of the Australian Aviation Unions Federation (AUF) that, as a broad organisation, collectively represents 20,000 employees across the industry. It comprises of the TWU, Flight Attendants Association of Australia (Domestic & Regional Division) (FAAA) and the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers (ALAEA). The TWU have produced this excellent video in attempt to illustrate the comical nature of their employment.

There are serious issues at stake with a flow-on effect that potentially impacts upon every Australian operator; and indeed, with the issue of some Australian Jetstar pilots now evading local taxation laws by having their funds managed entirely offshore, it should raise some furry eyebrows in the Australian Taxation Office.

More on Qantas another time.

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