High Temperature Departure – Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi (OMAA/AUH) High Temperature Flight Operations. After my recent debacle in Abu Dhabi – and another occurrence involving offload and a 4 hour delay- I was asked to prepare some specific advice for Captains operating out of Abu Dhabi. Background Due to high temperatures, most Abu Dhabi departures during mid Summer experience a potential […]

Runway Change on Departure


A Runway Change, particularly once the aircraft has begun to move under it’s own power, can be a profound change to implement on the flight deck. If you sit on the flight deck in cruise, look around and consider the worst sequence of runway change – say from a long runway away from terrain and […]

Paired Oceanic Transition Waypoints


I recently wrote about issues we were having with inserting an arrival and approach into LAX prior to exiting Oceanic Airspace across the Pacific. Essentially, during the 500 mile run into our exit point (such as ELKEY) our FANS system () would send a CPDLC () report every 12 minutes or so announcing to the […]

Oceanic Arrival Transition and CPDLC Position Reporting


For the past several months I’ve been experiencing a CPDLC anomaly approaching the west coast of the US. Essentially I’ll come back from crew rest and begin preparation for the arrival into LAX. At this point the FMC will reflect the basic OFP (Operational Flight Plan) route of: ⇒ ⇒ … where EKLEY is the […]

Performance Limited Takeoff


Managing a departure with a performance limited takeoff weight can be one of the more challenging tasks that face an Airline Captain today. It all sounds simple enough in theory. Based on the Airport/Runway, Ambient Weather Conditions and Aircraft, a computer will spit out – down to the kilogram – how much weight you’re allowed […]

Tax Time : Crew Allowances


It’s Tax time again and as since I’m one of those lazy people who does all the work at the end, instead of keeping up with it as it goes along – the first thing I need to do is update my Allowance calculator spreadsheet. I’m posting a copy of the sheet¬†here for you guys […]

Fatigue – A Societal Issue; not just Aviation


Radio National’s excellent Background Briefing program had a story today called Fatigue Factor. Although it commences on an aviation related theme – quoting particularly the now infamous Jetstar memo to pilots telling “toughen up princesses – you’re not fatigued; just tired” – the program rolls on through a number industries (Trains/Trucks) – and non-industries such […]

TAC : Thrust Asymmetry Compensation


As ¬†Boeing’s first Fly-By-Wire aircraft (although not necessarily fly-by-wire by the Airbus definition) the 777 introduced a flight control augmentation system that the first fly by wire Airbus aircraft did not – Thrust Assymetry Compensation, or TAC. The basic problem is clear. During an engine failure on a twin wing-mounted engine aircraft there is an […]

Slats Drive Go-Around

cockpit form

When I arrived at V Australia in 2008 I discovered that what was missing was the institutional knowledge that an established airline develops over time, but never writes down … so I did. Eventually it became the SOP Guide : Practices & Techniques document. This blog series documents the continual growth of this training resource. […]

Leaving Emirates #30 A Lost Day


11.May.2008 : Wasting Time While I had decided today would be the last of organising our stuff in preparation for the move Monday (tomorrow), I had a couple of other things to do first – they should have been quick … One was to transfer my first Dubai Mobile across to our friend Susi. Many […]

How Common Errors became Practices and Techniques


One of my first tasks when I arrived at V Australia in early June 2008 was to watch simulator transition training being conducted at our new simulator in Silverwater, Sydney. The students were straight off the street pilots who had come from regional airlines – in most cases it was their first jet, their first […]

Curly Contrails

Across the Atlantic, In Trail.

I recently showed some photos I took a few years ago of a Delta 767 crossing the Irish Coast to another Captain I flew with to LA. He was so stunned by them that I decided I may as well blog about them – three years later. Looking at them at a remove – they […]

Leaving Emirates #29 Right Back Into It.


07.May.2008 : Right Back Into It I arrived back from the Singapore Melbourne trip this morning at 5:30 am. It was a good trip, especially taking Meg and kids down via a stopover in Singapore for a night – we used to do that when going home on leave before the direct service started, it […]

Leaving Emirates #28 A Busy Day in Melbourne


05.May.2008 : A Busy Day in Melbourne For the past 14 years of my employment with Emirates, we’ve operated a flight from Dubai to Melbourne via Singapore. It departs Dubai at 02:45am on Day One, landing into Singapore 8 hours later at 2pm Singapore time. Departing Singapore on Day Two at a bit after 3pm […]