767 Near-Miss with the Planet Venus


On January 13, 2011, Air Canada Flight 878 departed Toronto for Zurich on a scheduled passenger service with 95 passengers, 6 flight attendants and 2 flight crew. After approximately three hours of flight time, the First Officer expressed a desire for a ‘controlled rest’ – a standard practice used in many (usually non-US) airlines that […]

Royal Jordanian Join the (Social) Space Race

Royal Jordian on Facebook and Twitter

I don’t know what’s more disgraceful: the fact Royal Jordanian have only just launched their Facebook and Twitter presence, or the fact I’ve only just found out about it. On May 14th, the social media company of TheOnlineProject hosted what they initially believed was the world’s first official aircraft tweet-up on board the airline’s newly […]

Bo Corby & NWA Flight 41 (Podcast)


The real story about a cargo fire indication that forced Northwest airlines Flight 41 to divert into Iran was never told in any detail. The airline did a wonderful job of silencing the crew on board the airliner to the point where most employees were – and remain – blissfully unaware that one of their […]

Crew Smoking Dope on a Plane


Forget smoking cigarettes on an aircraft! This video shows what appears to be a Russian pilot and cabin crew smoking marijuana on board an airliner. Despite the fact I’ve seen reports of this as a freight aircraft – like that would make any difference – there are cabin crew, suggesting a passenger service – despite […]

Aeroflot’s Nude Cabin Crew Calendar


Mother Russia is often heavily scrutinised for its controversial and sexually orientated marketing tactics… by our prudish western standards anyhow. It’s the point of the creative teams in marketing to constantly push the envelope of a perceived social standard – and it works! Russia’s going through one of those sex-soaked stages of marketing where people […]

Avianova Bikini Girl TV Advert


Russia’s number one low cost carrier, Avianova, have created an interesting TV commercial featuring cabin crew scantily dressed in bikinis washing one of their aircraft while a group of airport fire fighters watch on. It plays like something you expect to see on one of those seedy pay-per-view channels in a cheap motel room ? […]

Alaska Airlines Commercial from 1984


This Alaska Airlines commercial is brilliant! In a historical sense, it demonstrates the paradigm shift in both the airline product and passenger expectations in the airline industry over the last 25 years. The advert pokes fun at the concept of lowering the costs of travel by suggesting that one day, in the future, airlines may […]

Jetstar Inaugural Service into Fiji


Jetstar Airways flew its inaugural Airbus 320 service into Fiji today with 140-passengers and Jetstar executives on board. The decision to fly to Fiji has fuelled speculation that Qantas is looking to offload its 46% share in Air Pacific – currently 51% owned by the Fijian Government. It’s believed that Qantas invested in Air Pacific […]

Branding Braniff International


The brilliant Braniff International (1928-1982) advertising campaign of the late 60′s was a broad strategy employed to re-invent the airline and its struggling brand from inevitable obscurity. The marketing effort was managed by Mary Wells Lawrence who was one of the highest paid advertising executives of her era, and she was considered to be one […]

Braniff International ‘Air Strip’


Sex sells, right? The Braniff International (1928-1982) ‘Air Strip’ television and print advertising was part of a broader campaign that was used to re-invent the airline. Read about it here. In the television commercial, a ‘hostess’ casually takes layers of her Emilio Pucci ‘hostess’ uniform for the duration of the commercial in the form of […]

Japan Airlines Uniforms Sold to the Sex Industry


Since Japan Airlines declared a humiliating bankruptcy in January, the national insult has had to deal with a huge run of problems, but a bunch of news websites reports that they’re just as concerned with a far more flattering issue; Japan Airlines flight attendant uniforms are being sold to the local sex industry after becoming […]

Billboard Ambush Advertising in India


I was just making my way through an old terabyte hard drive trying to make sense of my madness when I came across this brilliant billboard advertising campaign. Three Indian airlines – Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Go Airlines – all tired to outdo each other in their outdoor advertising campaigns. It all started when […]

How to create a great viral video! Christmas dance at Lisbon

Lisbon YouTube

Holiday makers are usually the less fortunate in the airline industry. Delays. Queues. Noise. Anarchy. You name it. Those unfortunate enough to be flying on Christmas day normally have to sacrifice part of the day’s festivities for the sake of a golden ticket or (possibly) less expensive airfares. The nature of an airport terminal is […]