More on Kevin Smith and Virgin America


I wrote about Kevin Smith’s encounter with Virgin America a couple of days ago. The more I think about his experience, and the more I hear the story told from various angles (including variations of his own), the more I’m inclined the believe that the flight he was late for and refused carriage on was […]

Kevin Smith, Virgin America, his blog and Twitter


Not-so-silent Kevin Smith has had had another airline dummy spit on his blog – this time with Virgin America. Remember when he was kicked off a SouthWest aircraft back in Febuary for what he claimed was his rather wide carriage? On this occasion, he arrived at the VX gate 10 minutes prior to departure to […]

Virgin America Wi-Fi


The sky was once one of the very few places on the planet where we could escape our addiction to communication. Not anymore. The once sanctuary of solitude is slowly becoming a thing of the past as airlines are engaged in the pursuit of airborne connectivity – making all available technological conveniences available at all […]