So, Who should Fly?


Currently I’m evaluating research on the roles of the Captain vs the First Officer in the detection and correction of procedural errors on the flight deck. Fortunately I’m not looking at our entire operation, just one small corner of it. First, some background. Delaying Final FMC Performance Data Entry Our SOP’s are pretty much based on Boeing’s […]

Virgin Australia ATR Trip Report


There is a new way to fly around regional Australia, and like with most new things lately, it is with Virgin Australia. Well, in this case, Virgin Australia and Perth-based Skywest. The two announced their partnership in January and in February announced an order for ATR72-500s and -600s. The -500 and -600 are relatively the […]

First look at Virgin Australia’s new Print Campaign


Virgin Australia will today launch a national print and billboard campaign that gives us some indication of what we can expect from the brand in the future. Unlike the more flamboyant “flygirl” campaigns we’ve come to expect from the Virgin brand, today’s launch is far more subtle and focuses on what the company claims is […]

Virgin Australia Unveils its New Brisbane Lounge


Virgin Australia revealed its new airport lounge today at Australia’s Brisbane domestic terminal. Designed by renowned architect Tim Greer from Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, the 200-seat lounge is the ‘next step’ in Virgin Australia’s re-branding and game-change program, and its launch precedes additional plans to revamp all Virgin services at Brisbane Airport. Martin Daley, Virgin Australia’s […]

Welcome Virgin Australia – Pictures


Virgin Blue re-branded its domestic and narrow-body international operation (excluding the Polynesian Blue operation that consists of just one aircraft) into Virgin Australia. We have lots of information coming – including video of the Sydney press conference with Richard Branson and John Borghetti. In the meantime, here’s a few photos from today’s event. We’ll upload […]

Will Virgin Blue re-brand as Virgin Australia?


This morning, Virgin Blue re-brands as Virgin Australia. As an employee of the airline, it’s been a little frustrating that I haven’t been able to share what little information I understood to be true but, thanks to the investigative blogging of our newest Aussie podcast partner, Will Horton, he’s been able to uncover certain clues […]

Virgin Blue Unveils its New Look


New Grbac Uniform This morning at 10am, Virgin Blue officially unveiled its new uniform to the public at Sydney Tower Westfields after the closely guarded secret was maintained by several thousand staff. Despite the airline crew addiction to social media and extroverted behaviour – as well as a company booklet issued to crew full of […]

Virgin Blue and Air New Zealand Alliance


After days of speculation, Virgin Blue and Air New Zealand have announced that they intend to seek regulatory approval for an alliance on the Trans Tasman (route between Australia and New Zealand). The proposed alliance will allow the airlines to collaborate on route structures, product planning, advertising, ground handling, code sharing and frequent flyer programs. […]

New Virgin Blue TV campaign: Where Great Ideas Fly’


Virgin Blue are set to launch a new advertising campaign on Australian television Sunday night when they launch their ‘where great ideas fly‘ campaign. It will feature, Alex, in parallel time zones 1999 and 2009 and the ultimate comparison – on the long lonely drive between Melbourne and Sydney to see his girlfriend in 1999 […]

Airline April Fool Jokes


April 1st is an marketing opportunists dream. It basically gives airlines (and other companies) licence to lie in the name of a viral marketing campaign. And it works.

Virgin Blue ‘NextGen’ Board Game


A Virgin Blue employee has become an overnight media whore after he created a board game criticising the decision making process at the Brisbane based airline. The story was originally published on the Brisbane Times website and has since made its way onto countless other websites, blogs and forums. Torsten Koerting attached the ‘snakes-and-ladders’ type […]

World Airline Awards 2008 (Qantas & Virgin Blue)


The results from the Skytrax World Airline Awards are in and both Qantas Airlines and Virgin Blue have made an honourable presence in the top rankings alongside some of the world’s respected airlines… reinforcing what we Aussies already know – that our airlines are among the world’s best!

Final boarding call for Al Qaeda & Terrorist


During the early years of The Simpsons, a popular recurring gag involved young Bart making prank calls to bartender Moe at Moe’s Tavern. Bart would call Moe and ask for a non-existant person whose name was one that spelled a less than flattering phrase. Moe would shout for the fictitious person that Bart asked for […]