This Day in Aviation History on Your Website


We have a large number of aviation APIs that will be made available in the next few months that’ll permit you to include different types of aviation data from our array of applications into your own website or WordPress blog. One of the first sites we built specifically for Flight and our readers is […]

Why American Airlines Why?


On November 29, 2011 AMR Corporation (the parent corporation of American Airlines) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with $4 billion of cash. The move was made to “achieve a cost and debt structure that is industry competitive and thereby assure its long-term viability”. American Airlines stated that despite the filing it was continuing normal […]

Flying Schools Suck at Marketing


We’ve just surveyed 43 Australian flying school websites with results that aren’t that surprising. Aussie flying schools suck at marketing and creating a positive online presence. US schools aren’t that much better. The results of our survey will be published in a future post after we’ve evaluated every flying school website in the country. The […]

Royal Jordanian Join the (Social) Space Race

Royal Jordian on Facebook and Twitter

I don’t know what’s more disgraceful: the fact Royal Jordanian have only just launched their Facebook and Twitter presence, or the fact I’ve only just found out about it. On May 14th, the social media company of TheOnlineProject hosted what they initially believed was the world’s first official aircraft tweet-up on board the airline’s newly […]

More on Kevin Smith and Virgin America


I wrote about Kevin Smith’s encounter with Virgin America a couple of days ago. The more I think about his experience, and the more I hear the story told from various angles (including variations of his own), the more I’m inclined the believe that the flight he was late for and refused carriage on was […]

Kevin Smith, Virgin America, his blog and Twitter


Not-so-silent Kevin Smith has had had another airline dummy spit on his blog – this time with Virgin America. Remember when he was kicked off a SouthWest aircraft back in Febuary for what he claimed was his rather wide carriage? On this occasion, he arrived at the VX gate 10 minutes prior to departure to […]

NBAA 2010 Social Media Panel (Video)


Paula Williams from Aviation Business Consultants was kind enough to post a video of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Social Media Panel discussion to her website, but the file size and format wasn’t overly compatible with the web. The original file size was over 870MB and it had issues streaming via media player. I’ve […]

Jetstar’s Kevin Rudd Advertisement


Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was dumped on Wednesday night for his deputy, Julia Gillard – or Jihad Julia as she’s affectionately known to millions. Gillard is Australia’s first female and our first unmarried PM. For Kev, Kevin 07 was once his election slogan – now it’s his approval rating. Despite his pathetic poor performance, […]

Air New Zealand and the Saverjet Parody


The Saverjet viral video campaign is orientated around the operations of the budget (and fictitious) airline at It plays out as a parody of Australian low cost carriers and their supposed array of hidden fees and charges incurred beyond the advertised airfare. The ‘humorous’ approach to the low cost experience was directed at both […]

Airlines and Short URL Services – Protect Your Brand


You would probably have be living under a rock if you weren’t familiar with services that truncate long URL’s into shorter, more manageable links. For those of you that don’t know what they are, they take a loooong URL and shorten them down to fewer characters so they can be more easily managed for dissemination […]

Fat Kevin Smith, Southwest and Twitter


On February 14th, Kevin Smith was boarded onto a Southwest Airlines flight only to be disembarked shortly afterwards because staff felt that that they couldn’t justify carrying somebody of such ample girth on a full flight. Flight attendants claimed his large size would impede on the comfort of other passengers, and they deemed him to […]

How to create a great viral video! Christmas dance at Lisbon

Lisbon YouTube

Holiday makers are usually the less fortunate in the airline industry. Delays. Queues. Noise. Anarchy. You name it. Those unfortunate enough to be flying on Christmas day normally have to sacrifice part of the day’s festivities for the sake of a golden ticket or (possibly) less expensive airfares. The nature of an airport terminal is […]

Britney Spears Tweets @VAustralia


There’s an old marketing adage that says that a satisfied customer will tell three people about their positive experience – while an unhappy customer will tell ten. This no longer applies. In the web 2.0 world of Facebook, forums, review-sites, blogs and real-time Twitter, a customer can potentially reach millions of people in a matter […]

John Mayer Tweets about Qantas and the A380


John Mayer tweeted his adverse experience onboard a Qantas A380 flight yesterday and demonstrated the real time damage a single tweet from Twitter can cause an airline. Mayer was on board a LAX bound A380 service ex Sydney when fuel issues forced a return to Sydney… and was then diverted into Melbourne. Mayer’s initial tweet […]