Virgin Atlantic’s Charity Event at The Ivy, Sydney


You’re airlines either got it or it hasn’t… Virgin Atlantic introduced their “You’re airlines either got it or it hasn’t” message to Sydney’s travel elite last night as part of a charity event to raise funds for the victims of the Queensland floods. In typical Virgin fashion, The Ivy floor staff were dressed in Atlantic […]

Avianova Bikini Girl TV Advert


Russia’s number one low cost carrier, Avianova, have created an interesting TV commercial featuring cabin crew scantily dressed in bikinis washing one of their aircraft while a group of airport fire fighters watch on. It plays like something you expect to see on one of those seedy pay-per-view channels in a cheap motel room ? […]

Alaska Airlines Commercial from 1984


This Alaska Airlines commercial is brilliant! In a historical sense, it demonstrates the paradigm shift in both the airline product and passenger expectations in the airline industry over the last 25 years. The advert pokes fun at the concept of lowering the costs of travel by suggesting that one day, in the future, airlines may […]

Braniff International ‘Air Strip’


Sex sells, right? The Braniff International (1928-1982) ‘Air Strip’ television and print advertising was part of a broader campaign that was used to re-invent the airline. Read about it here. In the television commercial, a ‘hostess’ casually takes layers of her Emilio Pucci ‘hostess’ uniform for the duration of the commercial in the form of […]

Jetstar and Sunrise – Cash for Comment


When Jetstar made a so-called exclusive appearance on Australia’s channel 7′s morning show, Sunrise, it caught the attention of the ABC’s Media Watch program. The riveting Sunrise ‘interview’ challenges the fuzzy line and blurry interpretations between a sponsored advertisement and true editorial/news content. The painful three and a half minute interview, headlined as ‘JETSTAR’S BIG […]

Air New Zealand ‘Cougar’ Campaign


In the aftermath Air New Zealand’s successful Nothing to Hide television and print campaign, Air NZ launched a viral-ready Cougar Pride advertisement through December 2009 and January 2010 that featured a David Attenborough style mocumentary detailing the (apparent) desperate single life of the slightly older NZ female population. Perhaps their campaign was inspired by the […]

New Qantas Advertising Campaign


The latest installment into Qantas’ ageing “I Still call Australia Home” campaign was launched nationally in Australia during the Bledisloe Cup in August. It has been met with mixed reactions from both marketeers and the audience for which it was intended – since it’s nothing more than a variation on a theme that they’ve been […]

New Virgin Blue TV campaign: Where Great Ideas Fly’


Virgin Blue are set to launch a new advertising campaign on Australian television Sunday night when they launch their ‘where great ideas fly‘ campaign. It will feature, Alex, in parallel time zones 1999 and 2009 and the ultimate comparison – on the long lonely drive between Melbourne and Sydney to see his girlfriend in 1999 […]

Air New Zealand TV commercial: “Nothing to Hide”


Air New Zealand unveiled a new advertising campaign on the 11th May 2009 aptly named “Nothing to Hide”. More than 90 Air NZ staff members are featured in the campaign, with eight demonstrating the airline’s transparency when it comes to their product by ‘wearing’ nothing more than body paint. The airline’s CEO, Rob Fyfe, also […]

New V Australia TV campaign: Flygirls


V Australia launch their new “Flygirl” campaign tonight on Australian television, marking the commencement of their first major brand and product marketing campaign. The style of campaign was already a success in the USA when it was launched on billboards across California. The campaign moves away from the successful ‘Hamish and Andy’ advertisements that were […]

V Australia – more pics and new TV campaign


Attached are a few more pics of V Australia’s first Boeing 777-300ER on the production line at Boeing. Also attached are some photos of V Australia’s appearance at the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) Annual Convention & Trade Show. NBTA is a source for critical information on the business travel industry, with over 2,700 global […]