Non Normal Management Model – ANC AAM


Some time ago I wrote about a review of a Decision Making Model (FORDEC). During that article I clarified that there is a clear difference between a Decision Making Model versus a Non Normal Management Model. Usually you have to deal with the NNM first before you get as far into the flight as having […]

Decision Making Models in Aviation


We are reviewing Decision Making Models at the moment. On the 777, we’ve used FORDEC, which is very close to the European model, except we’ve replaced “Check” with “Communicate”, which may or may not have been a good thing. Other fleets in our airline are using GRADE or NMATE. There are several reasons why Decision […]

So, Who should Fly?


Currently I’m evaluating research on the roles of the Captain vs the First Officer in the detection and correction of procedural errors on the flight deck. Fortunately I’m not looking at our entire operation, just one small corner of it. First, some background. Delaying Final FMC Performance Data Entry Our SOP’s are pretty much based on Boeing’s […]

Relief Crew on the Flight Deck


Ok, so this one may be a little controversial. As you read it remember that unlike many of my professional brethren, in my dim dark past I actually have been a Cruise Relief First Officer (actually a Second Officer, or more accurately at times, the Captain’s sexual advisor) on a ULH operation for almost 3 […]

Gear Up Landings and Pilot Error


There’s an old adage in aviation that reads, “There are two types of pilots: Those that have landed gear up, and those that will.” I’m not a big believer in these silly phrases — their purpose being to bring solace to the group of pilots that are most likely to make the mistake. That doesn’t […]

767 Near-Miss with the Planet Venus


On January 13, 2011, Air Canada Flight 878 departed Toronto for Zurich on a scheduled passenger service with 95 passengers, 6 flight attendants and 2 flight crew. After approximately three hours of flight time, the First Officer expressed a desire for a ‘controlled rest’ – a standard practice used in many (usually non-US) airlines that […]

Runway Change on Departure


A Runway Change, particularly once the aircraft has begun to move under it’s own power, can be a profound change to implement on the flight deck. If you sit on the flight deck in cruise, look around and consider the worst sequence of runway change – say from a long runway away from terrain and […]

Air France Flight 447. The Controversy Continues


The ensuing controversy on the Airbus continues. Two years ago an Airbus A330 fell to her death in the Atlantic Ocean. We’d heard rumors she’d fallen apart in the sky. That she’d lost all her flight instruments due to a known pitot static problem, that Airbus would immediately fix. We’d heard that we would never […]

Good Flightdeck FORM

cockpit form

Longhaul always presents it’s unique issues. One if which is sitting next to Joe Bloggs copilot for hour upon hour. It’s amazing the connections you make, sharing the stand out moments of your shared passion. Sometimes you can walk away from a flight enjoying the company more than the flight itself. There are however occurrences […]

Airtime : CASA’s Crew Resource Managament Training Toolkit


The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority released a Crew Resource Management training package mid-2010 designed to provide training material to general aviation and Low Capacity RPT (LCRPT) operators. Titled “Safety Behaviours: Human Factors for Pilots”, the toolkit includes a DVD and a number of work booklets that can be used to supplement existing classroom-based group […]

Complacency: Performance’s Evil Twin


Highly automated aircraft — the reality of the airline industry. A great concern paralleling this automation is the inbreeding of complacency. We’ve moved away from teaching pilots how to fly jets, to teaching them how to program and manage — performance lapses. Automated airplanes identify and report system failures — systems knowledge lapses. We fly […]

Our talk with John King of King Schools


In episode 5 of Flight Podcast we talk with John King of King Schools. Kings Schools has a hand in training over 50% of the pilot population in the United States at some point in their career via a library of over 90 courses that can be completed using interactive DVD’s or online via their […]

Bo Corby & NWA Flight 41 (Podcast)


The real story about a cargo fire indication that forced Northwest airlines Flight 41 to divert into Iran was never told in any detail. The airline did a wonderful job of silencing the crew on board the airliner to the point where most employees were – and remain – blissfully unaware that one of their […]

Interview with Captain Eric Moody


I had the opportunity to talk to Eric Moody in the company of Karlene, Ken and Adam yesterday as part of a new aviation podcast at that we’re in the final stages of releasing. Eric is most famous for experiencing a 4-engine failure in a British Airways Boeing 747 as a result of volcanic […]