Putting the Boeing 787 on the Map


Who said testing ETOPS had to be boring? At 13:33 PST on the 9th Feb, 2012, Boeing Commercial Airplane Flight 236, painted in Air India livery, departed Boeing Field Intl (KBFI) for an 18 hour maximum ETOPS (Extended Operations) flight test as part of the 787-8 GE engine certification. Rather than engage in just another […]

A Discussion with Ali Wanchap


Congratulations to Ali Wanchap on becoming Australia’s newest commercial helicopter pilot. Ali was once plugged into the big city fast lane working in PR and marketing for a major fashion label alongside Sydney’s social elitists. A vacation to Africa changed that when she took a scenic flight in a helicopter. The experience reinforced what she […]

Migrating to the Boeing 737


Joining my current airline was a challenging decision. I was leaving one the highest paid jobs in corporate aviation that provided lifestyle options I’ll probably never see again — as long as I’m working for somebody else, that is. If my previous job was based in Sydney it’s unlikely I would have ever left. However, […]

Metar to Twitter – Free service


Some time back we set up a number of Twitter accounts that would automate the hourly posting of aviation metars for a small number of airports (examples: @YSSYmetar & @KLAXmetar). We were later inundated with requests from people that wanted us to set up accounts for their own local airports. It was a little time-prohibitive […]

A Discussion with Jetstar Jeff


One of the things I like best about aviation is the amazing stories from all the people I’ve worked with. Unlike most traditional (boring) jobs, the career of a pilot generally has a unique and fascinating back-story that deserves to be told. Jeff has worked for a few general aviation organisations, he’s owned a number […]

A Discussion with Christine Hollingsworth


Born in Henderson Nevada, Christine found herself in Seattle Washington to earn a degree in computer science. But her inspiration from living in Boeing country, her visits to Oshkosh with her father, and her love of the 787 pushed her over the edge to become a pilot. She switched schools and degrees, and began flying […]

A Discussion with Jun Nishioka


From Kobe Japan, Jun, a graduate student of Environmental Engineering, recently received his English certificate and has set off on an adventure in Vero Beach Florida. He will be attending Flight Safety International for the next 15 months to earn his private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine and instructors ratings. His goal—to become an airline pilot. At […]

A Discussion with Santa


We had a chat to Santa a few days ago. He spoke to us about the preparation leading up to Christmas day. Santa’s sobriety was somewhat questionable at the time of our discussion. As such, he was a little politically and culturally insensitive. It’s probably best not to listen if you’re somebody that’s sensitive to […]

A Discussion with Kellie Scott


Kellie is learning to fly at Bankstown based Red Baron Flight Training. Len Costa and I had a chat with Kellie regarding her initial research into her flying training and her limited experience thus far. At the time of recording Kellie has accrued 7 hours of basic flight training. Formerly known as Sydney Aerobatic School, […]

Make a Donation to Virgin Australia’s Movember Team


One of my fellow pilots was diagnosed and treated for Prostate Cancer about two years ago. Thankfully, he was successfully treated and now juggles a line flying role and a demanding management position. For at least the second year in a row, he is participating in Movember in aid of prostate cancer research and awareness […]

A Discussion with Karlene Petitt and Ken Pascoe


This was an early discussion recorded for inclusion on the now (semi-retired) FlyingTraining.net. The flight training site was always intended to be a media resource for student pilots but was ‘consolidated’ into flight.org (along with CrewResourceManagement.com) for no other reason than time management purposes. In this audio file, we chat with Karlene Petitt and Ken […]

Performance Limited Takeoff


Managing a departure with a performance limited takeoff weight can be one of the more challenging tasks that face an Airline Captain today. It all sounds simple enough in theory. Based on the Airport/Runway, Ambient Weather Conditions and Aircraft, a computer will spit out – down to the kilogram – how much weight you’re allowed […]

Tax Time : Crew Allowances


It’s Tax time again and as since I’m one of those lazy people who does all the work at the end, instead of keeping up with it as it goes along – the first thing I need to do is update my Allowance calculator spreadsheet. I’m posting a copy of the sheet here for you guys […]

Southwest. What’s said in the cockpit stays in the…


In March of this year, a Southwest pilot inadvertently broadcast a homophobic tirade of foul mouthed litter from the apparent sanctity of a closed cockpit where he criticises the disproportionally large number of homosexuals working for his airline. He also targets overweight and less youthful cabin crew in a rant that seems to be motivated […]