Airline Management Meetings Are Like… Trains


Meetings are like … trains. Or at least, a train journey with a group of people. You all pretty much all get on at the same point, although occasionally some come late to the party (even if they got on at the same station as you). Conversely, you all pretty much get off at the […]

Are You Ready to Close Doors, Captain?


Many moons ago I was a Second Officer on Boeing 747-400′s for a large Hong Kong based international airline – which I remember fondly. This story revolves around a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne about a year after I had checked out, late 1993. This was a three crew operation: Captain, First Officer and […]

Migrating to the Boeing 737


Joining my current airline was a challenging decision. I was leaving one the highest paid jobs in corporate aviation that provided lifestyle options I’ll probably never see again — as long as I’m working for somebody else, that is. If my previous job was based in Sydney it’s unlikely I would have ever left. However, […]

Make a Donation to Virgin Australia’s Movember Team


One of my fellow pilots was diagnosed and treated for Prostate Cancer about two years ago. Thankfully, he was successfully treated and now juggles a line flying role and a demanding management position. For at least the second year in a row, he is participating in Movember in aid of prostate cancer research and awareness […]

Curly Contrails

Across the Atlantic, In Trail.

I recently showed some photos I took a few years ago of a Delta 767 crossing the Irish Coast to another Captain I flew with to LA. He was so stunned by them that I decided I may as well blog about them – three years later. Looking at them at a remove – they […]

Renewing my US Visa (Finally)


Having jumping through multiple hoops to get the original – you would think that having operated into the States every month for the last two years, renewing my visa would not be that difficult a process. Well .. If you read my previous post, you’ll know that despite being told that the process would be […]

Renewing my US Visa


I have just completed the process of renewing my US Visa. This is the first renewal of my crew C1/D visa that permits me multiple entry into the States as part of an operating Airline Crew Crew Member – it was issued while I was working for Emirates in 2005. Though dimmed through the mists […]

Perses, thy name is Ken …


At some point over the last few years, I have apparently encountered Perses, the ancient Greek God of destruction and have inherited his curse. Actually this is an imperfect syllogism, because while some of the things I touch these days certainly do turn to crap – they’re all basically computers. Unfortunately the Greeks seemed not […]

Airline Pilot : A Life of Irregularity


I’m an airline pilot, or at least, that’s my day job. Partly because of the nature of my profession, partly because of the nature of my work role (I’m a Check Captain and therefore I’m a slave to both the Aircraft and the Simulator, the airline schedule and the trainee pilot) – this involves a […]

Lost Opportunities


I’m really angry at myself today. Every now then then life brings past you the opportunity to step outside the box and do the right thing – sometimes this requires a little thinking, sometimes it requires to you step outside the group-think. Today I failed that test, and I’m disappointed and annoyed at myself. Let […]

Commuting to Work

Commuiting to work as an airline pilot

It seems like I’ve spent most of my life commuting to work. Of course I’m alone in this, but while for most it’s a suburban to city drive, for some of my friends this means a walk/car/train/tram experience from Geelong to Melbourne, for me it’s a little more. Geelong to Sydney. This morning I rose at 6am to have […]

RIP Tony Norman

Tony Norman

I arrived home from Los Angeles this morning to learn that my friend Tony Norman has passed away on Christmas eve after a long battle with cancer. I worked with Tony for a short time at Meekatharra in Western Australia while I was based there as a pilot with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Tony […]