Help us support the Centennial of Woman Pilots


Our friend, Karlene Petitt, is involved with an initiative to get 2010 female pilots introduced to aviation. It’s been 100 years since the first woman earned her pilots license. To celebrate this anniversary, Mireille Goyer had a vision of introducing 2010 new girls and women to aviation this year. For all who signed up, only […]

Our talk with John King of King Schools


In episode 5 of Flight Podcast we talk with John King of King Schools. Kings Schools has a hand in training over 50% of the pilot population in the United States at some point in their career via a library of over 90 courses that can be completed using interactive DVD’s or online via their […]

Add Episodes of Flight Podcast to your website or blog


Note (March 2012): This method of including players is currently depreciated (althoug existing and future code will continue to work). We’re rebuilding HTML5 players that are required for most iOS devices. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for details. We recently had a giveaway competition on It required listeners to simply provide us with […]

Qantas IFE Podcasts


Qantas have produced a number of excellent podcasts. The first series, Plane Speak, is presented by Captain Dale Newman, and he answers some of the common questions that are asked by passengers. The second series is released as part of Qantas’ 90th Anniversary birthday and cover the history of the organisation dating back to the […]

QF32. Aircraft System Failures…


We considered devoting a segment on the uncontained engine failure of Qantas Flight 32 (VH-OQA, an Airbus A380) in the latest episode of Flight Podcast, but decided it was inappropriate to address the issues in any detail in the early stages void of any real or formal investigation. We have a panel of experts that […]

Bo Corby & NWA Flight 41 (Podcast)


The real story about a cargo fire indication that forced Northwest airlines Flight 41 to divert into Iran was never told in any detail. The airline did a wonderful job of silencing the crew on board the airliner to the point where most employees were – and remain – blissfully unaware that one of their […]

Janine Shepherd


In our most recent episode of Flight Podcast we talk to Janine Shepherd. Janine Shepherd was a champion cross-country skier in training for the Winter Olympics when her life was suddenly and irrevocably altered during a training bicycle ride to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. A speeding utility truck struck Janine and shattered her […]

Flight Podcast Episode 2


Between trying to record and produce for an Australian based aviation TV program, podcasting (which is taking for more time than any of our participants ever expected – due in part to the extroadinary popularity of it after only one episode) and a hectic international schedule, the posts to this blog have dropped off a […]

Flight Podcast Update


The large number of emails asking us why we haven’t posted anything must mean that people are reading! The three primary people behind and its subsidiary websites are heavily involved in a number of other projects – including a pilot for Australian TV, podcast, and a few other websites currently in development – and, […]

Interview with Captain Eric Moody


I had the opportunity to talk to Eric Moody in the company of Karlene, Ken and Adam yesterday as part of a new aviation podcast at that we’re in the final stages of releasing. Eric is most famous for experiencing a 4-engine failure in a British Airways Boeing 747 as a result of volcanic […]



We’re pleased to announce that we’re currently recording Episode 1 of a new aviation podcast hosted by Adam Saddington, Marty Khoury, Ken Pascoe & Karlene Petitt. We may have another host join us shortly in an attempt to broaden our global mix of presenters but, at this stage, we’re sticking with what we have until […]