Sex, TSA & YouTube. The Susie Castillo Story.


About a month ago, I went on a trip to Vegas and New York with my girlfriend to represent the Australian Podcasters Cooperative in what turned out to be a typically over-the-top US event. Having not actually toured New York before, there wasn’t much we didn’t do or see. However, despite everything we did do, […]

More on Kevin Smith and Virgin America


I wrote about Kevin Smith’s encounter with Virgin America a couple of days ago. The more I think about his experience, and the more I hear the story told from various angles (including variations of his own), the more I’m inclined the believe that the flight he was late for and refused carriage on was […]

Oprah and the ‘Big Mac for Comment’


In one of the smarter moves that Aussie tourism has made in recent years, they’ve just flown a lucky group of Oprah audience members to Australia. Oprah’s now officially on her way to Australia in the comfort of private jet while the rest of her entourage arrived in Sydney this morning. The plan to convert […]