Are You Ready to Close Doors, Captain?


Many moons ago I was a Second Officer on Boeing 747-400′s for a large Hong Kong based international airline – which I remember fondly. This story revolves around a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne about a year after I had checked out, late 1993. This was a three crew operation: Captain, First Officer and […]

So what is the Killer EFB App?


Today I am at Day One of the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference, looking primarily at EFB and EFB enabled systems. As I sort through the assault of information that comes at you at these events, I’ll be musing here on Flight.Org on what I’m learning. Whether seeking the heftily priced Class Three […]

Cathay Pacific Low Pass – January 2008

777 low pass

On January 20, 2008, 55-year-old Cathay Pacific Captain Ian Wilkinson and his 48-year-old co-pilot Ray Middleton took delivery of a brand new 777-300ER from the Boeing factory in Seattle. As part of the acceptance ceremony, the two pilots made a low pass of the runway complex before continuing with their onwards journey. Cathay Pacific chairman […]