Airtime : CASA’s Crew Resource Managament Training Toolkit


The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority released a Crew Resource Management training package mid-2010 designed to provide training material to general aviation and Low Capacity RPT (LCRPT) operators. Titled “Safety Behaviours: Human Factors for Pilots”, the toolkit includes a DVD and a number of work booklets that can be used to supplement existing classroom-based group […]

Our talk with John King of King Schools


In episode 5 of Flight Podcast we talk with John King of King Schools. Kings Schools has a hand in training over 50% of the pilot population in the United States at some point in their career via a library of over 90 courses that can be completed using interactive DVD’s or online via their […]

Bo Corby & NWA Flight 41 (Podcast)


The real story about a cargo fire indication that forced Northwest airlines Flight 41 to divert into Iran was never told in any detail. The airline did a wonderful job of silencing the crew on board the airliner to the point where most employees were – and remain – blissfully unaware that one of their […]

Interview with Captain Eric Moody


I had the opportunity to talk to Eric Moody in the company of Karlene, Ken and Adam yesterday as part of a new aviation podcast at that we’re in the final stages of releasing. Eric is most famous for experiencing a 4-engine failure in a British Airways Boeing 747 as a result of volcanic […]

Female Pilots


Our new podcast partner, Karlene Petitt, wrote a blog yesterday entitled “Male vs. Female Brains“. This blog is a response to her, and I’m doing so, in part, just so I can post a picture of a scantily clad female pilot since she got to do the same with a male. You should read Karlene’s […]

Bomber Bummer


Times Online in the UK reported an incident yesterday detailing an occurrence that saw a fast taxi demonstration of a 75-tonne Victor bomber turn into an unintentional takeoff after confusion reigned in the cockpit between the two unlicenced crew. The incident took place at the Cold War Jets Open Day at the Bruntingthorpe airfield, just […]