iPad App Review: Radio Navigation Simulator


Years ago, back in the mid 90′s, when I was undertaking my instrument rating, a friend sent me a link to download a tacky little PC-based procedural trainer that I ended up using for hours on end in an attempt to reinforce the principles behind VOR and NDB intercepts and approaches. There’s no doubt in […]

So what is the Killer EFB App?


Today I am at Day One of the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference, looking primarily at EFB and EFB enabled systems. As I sort through the assault of information that comes at you at these events, I’ll be musing here on Flight.Org on what I’m learning. Whether seeking the heftily priced Class Three […]

EFB Adventures

EFB as installed by Boeing in the 777

My airline is currently looking at various options for an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Originally meant to come with our spanking new 777-300ER’s, they didn’t – for a variety of timing, manufacturing and political reasons. Thus we have an exceedingly handy clip/chart holder and a neat little cupboard where a hundred thousand dollar EFB should […]

Jetstar and the iPad as IFE


While interviewing a Jetstar Social Media employee last week, they let it slip that the airline would be launching iPads as an IFE alternative with avionics supplier BlueBox. We talked about it only briefly before I was sworn to secrecy. The conversation did, however, inspire my last post. Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Australia’s low cost […]