How To Create a Great Viral Video – Christmas Dance at Lisbon

Holiday makers are usually the less fortunate in the airline industry. Delays. Queues. Noise. Anarchy. You name it. Those unfortunate enough to be flying on Christmas day normally have to sacrifice part of the day’s festivities for the sake of a golden ticket or (possibly) less expensive airfares.

The nature of an airport terminal is usually quite mechanical in nature and void of any personality; it really does have the look and feel of an insane asylum and, yep, it’s full of crazy people.

TAP Portugal and ANA gave their customers a very unique gift by way of a song and dance routine in the middle of an airport terminal. In the process they’ve created a viral video that has earned them brownie points industry-wide and insulted every other airline that failed to rise to the occasion.

Why do people love the video? It’s an unexpected surprise, it’s funny, it’s uplifting, it’s motivational, and it’s entertaining. Although the video was likely inspired by a similar stunt at Antwerpen’s Central Station in Belgium, it’s still unique enough to be brilliant.

All you stooge airlines that decided that Christmas was just another day of the year are completely out of touch with your customer base. Let this video be a lesson to you!

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