Is this the worst safety video of all time?

Condor Ferries is an operator of ferry services between mainland England and the Channel Islands, between England and France, and between France and the Channel Islands. They’ve just released their attempt at an aviation-inspired safety video with results that’ll make you seasick.

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The Condor Ferries Safety Rap has had 150,274 YouTube views.

While you might be confused into thinking the project was an attempt by a high school AV club to replicate blue-cheese on-screen, it was in fact a very deliberate campaign by the Bournemouth-based Walker Agency to create a legitimate long-term product.

Alicia Andrews, executive director at Condor Ferries, told Flight that she’s “… extremely proud of the new video, it was a joy to work on, and they’re delighted with the result”.

Even if the video wasn’t intended as a joke, Condor should still be particularly proud of its laughable success.


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